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2016 -17 has been a stressful year the world over - Brexit, the American election, escalating violence against women, territorial wars, an ongoing refugee crisis, and the daily grinds of poverty and disease against the backdrop of the ever-growing presence of climate change. All of these have been taking place in an international political environment that moves ever closer to populism and xenophobia, and an aversion to finding sustainable solutions built without borders. Amidst this rising tide of violence and fear, however, we have seen a powerful group of change-makers come to the fore: The young.

Fuelled by hope, the new generation is standing up for social justice, for the world that they wish to be a part of. They are proactively participating in local civic movements, exercising their rights as citizens both national and global. They are the using the platforms of the internet and social media to give voice to the voiceless. They are being the change they wish to see.

It is my pleasure to invite you to Christ Junior College’s 10th Model United Nations, where you can be that change. At this MUN, we will strive to debate each other, but to also find common ground at the end of the day. We will look at some of the world’s biggest problems, but in the spirit of learning to be valuable members of our local communities. At CJCMUN, you are invited to work towards creating a better tomorrow, today.

Bhamini Lakshminarayan
Secretary General Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2017

Giving exposure to the working of the United Nations and its impact on combating global challenges


United Nations Security Council

Akshaya Mohan - DIRECTOR

Greetings Delegates!

I am Akshaya Mohan, and I’m delighted to serve as the director for the United Nations Security Council at CJCMUN 2017! Before we get to cut-throat business, I’d like to elaborate on what makes me tick as an individual.

First and foremost, the stage calls to me – I believe theatre is an essential in life, along with food, sleep and procrastination (in that order). Music and dance are vital parts of my recreation though I think you’ll find me living in a different era of the former art form. I’m a voracious reader; and I like to believe I’ve explored a good handful of genres – from the fictitious Potterheads to the galvanizing Cliftons. So feel free to ping me about a hardback and we can have an engaging conversation (I’d probably reply faster about a book, than about committee).

MUNing for me is passion. It is a place for me to explore all I can comprehend, of the word “change” and substantiate my entire learning, by materializing a practical textbook. Today, it has paved the way for my career choice - The MUNner in me, chooses to be an ambassador of the eminent organisation (UN) tomorrow, and specialising in the Security Council, gives me the most holistic thought for the same. The Security Council is an organ of balance. It is a platform to balance the vitality of the humanitarian intricacies with military technicalities, the righteousness of decision-making with stark diplomacy and unrestrained power with responsibility.

Welcome to the United Nations Security Council delegates, you are, in the pre-eminent organ of the world community!


Hello, delegates! My name is Rajvi Jain, and I will be serving as the Assistant Director of the United Nations Security Council at CJCMUN 2017. Be it playing basketball, MUNning or placing at various commerce fests, I believe that more than the passion, it is the hard work and dedication that goes into any success. I would describe myself as a very determined and highly motivated person. I do take my job seriously, but I'm able to see things in perspective and believe I'm quite easy-going to work with. I'm a very patriotic individual and aim to represent my country in the sport that I love, basketball.

I believe that if you give your 100% to whatever you do, you will, for sure get the best of the possible results, and I hope to see these results in the form of a comprehensive resolution to the issues we’re discussing.

Delegates of the world community, I’m looking forward to a great, exciting committee at CJCMUN 2017!

League of Nations

Shankaran Ramesh – Director

Hello Delegates!

I'm Shankaran Ramesh, the Director of The League Of Nations at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2017. I'm currently studying humanities, 2nd PUC at Christ Junior College. My hobbies revolve around football and gaming. I'd like to call myself a hard-core gamer, FIFA being one of my favourites. Apart from this I have a keen interest in jamming. I also excel at playing the guitar. MUN is something that gives me the platform to do what I love. I am highly passionate about debating and the idea of debating on worldly affairs drives me to give my best. I aspire to become a brilliant diplomat and MUN gives me that platform. With that said, I have always strived to be the best and hope that you all too. I have participated in a lot of committees but The League of Nations has been one with amazing intensity. With that said, the main focus of our committee is changing the course of history itself. I hope to see fruitful and progressive debates. I hope all of you are up for this challenge. Remember delegates, this task is no simple one because as fate has it no one can rewrite history but I hope that you all manage to do so.

Disarmament and International Security

Ruben Jacob

Greetings delegates! My name is Ruben Jacob and I will be serving as the Director of the Disarmament and International Security Council at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2017. I first took part in MUN when I was in the 9th grade and after that I have been rather inconsistent with my participation in other conferences. I am currently pursuing my BA.LLB at St. Joseph’s College of Law while keeping in touch with my other hobbies which include music and film making. I am looking forward to seeing all of you step into the shoes of diplomats and actively participate in intense and productive debate which will help the committee progress. I hope that I will be able to make this committee the most memorable one that you’ve ever been in, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want the same for myself! Delegates, this is only possible if we work towards it together, and I am sure that we will enjoy ourselves in process. Without any further ado, I welcome you to the DISEC and wish you all the best of luck.

Aaisha Nehal – Assistant Director

Hello delegates! I am Aaisha Nehal, Arts student, MUNner and writer, and I will be serving as the Assistant Director of the Disarmament and International Security Committee at CJCMUN 2017. Having been to over twelve MUNs in the past year, I believe it’s safe to say that I’m quite into MUNning and international politics. A lover of anime and gaming, you may find me in a heated discussion on either and both most of the time. I also love watching TV shows, books and writing poetry in my spare time.

Delegates, what is expected from you in this committee is beyond the normative standards of a general assembly. Besides fruitful debate and originality in your approach, we the EB also expect you to have a whole lot of fun and wish to ensure that you enjoy the three days of committee!

Hope to see you soon!

United Nations Women

Shruti Doss - CO-DIRECTOR

Hello Delegates!

I'm Shruti Doss, the Director of United Nations Women at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2017. I'm currently studying Humanities at Christ Junior College.

Besides being an integral part of the CJC MUN team, I’m a part of the college dance team, Nrithyakalpa as well, since dancing is something I am very passionate about. I am also interested in music.

MUN is something that I personally love and am passionate about. MUN makes me feel like I'm involved in the worldly issues, not as a spectator but as someone with a voice. It gives me a platform where I can represent a country and make sure my views and thoughts are heard. It constantly pushes me to think, act and therefore change. MUN as a whole is one of my most cherished experiences.

That being said, the main focus of our committee is women. This topic has grown to become a concern. The fact that we forget that women are even humans is something I believe must be addressed in committee, and we must put our best efforts into recognising and solving this issue to the best of our abilities. I hope this committee gives all of you the platform to reform your thoughts and to build it into a possible change. Remember, we form the society we curse!

Post War Resolution Summit, 1971

Rithwick Ganesh – Director

Hello, delegates, my name is Rithwick Ganesh and I shall be serving as the Director of the Post War Resolution Summit, 1971at CJCMUN '17. I'm currently in the twelfth grade studying History, Economics, Political Science and Psychology at Christ Junior College. I'm a big fan of Chelsea Football Club and am currently extremely happy that we did not sign Ox. I also love reading and watching TV shows. The opportunity to work with individuals who are willing to travel back in time to tackle the issues faced in our own county is one that excites me. I personally believe that the knowledge of one's own country, state, city or even neighbourhood is more important than being able to memorize the clauses of the UN Charter. The 1971 Indo-Pak War was a turning point in Indian history and diplomatic relations and I promise you that these three days will be ones that you will never forget.

Yashas Hegde – Assistant Director

Greetings Delegates, I am Yashas Hegde and I will be your Assistant Director at the Post War Resolution Summit, 1971 at CJCMUN 2017. The agendae we'll be simulating in CJCMUN are issues that have never been explored before and I hope that all of you will have the time of your lives re-charting the path India took post the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.

A little about myself, apart from being a part of the CJC MUN team, I am also a quizzer, debater and the Student Head of the English Literature Club in CJC.

I am a rock music aficionado, so knowing your Doors from your Floyd will strike a chord with me.

My one true love is movies, and being an aspiring film-maker I can hold a conversation about movies of any language with anyone for almost an infinite period of time. Making totally unrelated movie references at odd times is my favourite past-time.

From the committee at CJCMUN 2017, I expect qualitative debate with more attention being paid to substantive points rather than the fluff. Trust me, delegates, the EB will see through your speeches and get right to your points - it’s up to you to make an impact. I look forward to meeting all of you very soon!

"Do you know what they call a quarter-pounder with cheese in France?"

Continual Crisis Committee

Madhav Mittal - DIRECTOR

Greetings delegates, my name is Madhav Mittal and I will be serving as the Director of the Continual Crisis Committee at CJCMUN 2017. I am a student of Commerce here at Christ Junior College and study in 2nd PU. I have an interest in economics and love reading up on it. I love watching funny movies, watching stand-up comedy and anything that could potentially make me laugh. I enjoy intellectual events such as debates, MUNs and various commerce festing events. What attracts me to crisis committees is the fact that they cover various interlinked facets of the problem with an ever-changing dynamic situation. This leads to a committee where delegates must solve a relatively small problem every single moment while tackling a much larger, more complex problem. I look forward to the various ideas and the insanity that comes out of this simulation and hope that I will be able to fulfil any expectations that the delegates might have from their executive board. I look forward to seeing all of you on 24th October!


Greetings Delegates! My name is Mariam Jaza and I will be serving as the Assistant Director of the Continuous Crisis Committee at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2017. I am currently a 2nd PUC science student at Christ Junior College. My MUN-ing career started at Christ last year and since then I have grown to become a very confident, outspoken, objective and competitive person. This experience has taught me to absorb various points of view and better understand human behaviour.

I aspire to be a doctor and I am a music and TV junkie. I love Broadway, so if you want to have a Hamilton sing along I am your person. I read, I sing and I try to write. At Christ, I am a part of the Choir and the Science Forum.

That being said, a Continuous Crisis Committee according to me is most competitive, innovative, exciting, and fun committee to be in for the sole reason that every action and decision taken is in the hands of the delegates.

This committee will demand quick thinking and will require delegates to find out of the box solutions. I look forward to seeing your approaches to the crises at hand and I hope that we can have 3 days of intense and fruitful debate.

Live Long and Prosper!,

International Press Corps

Nandini Salian - DIRECTOR

Greetings, delegates! My name is Nandini Salian and I will be serving as the Director of the International Press for Christ Junior College Model United Nations, 2017. I am currently studying Humanities at Christ Junior College, and I’m in 2nd PUC.

A little about myself, I consider myself a voracious reader and I love the possibility of visiting a whole new dimension through books. Besides being on the CJC MUN team, I’m also on the Literature Club core team. Apart from this, my love for animals is more than I can comprehend. Making bad puns has become an identifiable trait of my personality.

A lot of people have asked me why I MUN and till date, I don't think I have found an answer that can match how passionate I am about it. MUN isn't just a platform for me, it is almost a nurturing ground. I enjoy the learning aspect of MUN and I have a genuine interest in foreign relations and workings.

A delegate of the Press is compelled to be a delegate of every other committee. With that said, I hope to see a few aspiring journalists who know how to incorporate the art of diplomacy into writing. The balance between creativity and facts is something that I am personally excited to encounter. All the best delegates, may the odds be ever in your favour!


Hello Delegates!

’m Swathi S, and I shall be serving as the Assistant Director of the International Press Corps at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2017. I'm currently studying Commerce, 2nd PUC at Christ Junior College. MUN has always been one of my ardent passions, fuelling me at every instant and driving me to achieve nothing but the best. Diplomacy has definitely made itself prominent in my personality but trust me, I can be very opinionated too.

My hobbies, other than whiling away time, include writing, singing, reading and binge watching shows. I'm a sucker for animated movies and a classic rom-com. Slam poetry is something that I personally love and relate to on so many levels. Writing has always been my sanctuary.

With that said, I've always been interested in the journalism aspect of MUN. The idea of relating various committees through journalism as a medium intrigues me. I think that the Press Corps is completely capable of being one of the most versatile committees in a MUN. The IPC this year focuses on creativity and ethics along with commitment to the truth which of course, is the foundation of journalism. I look forward to you all encompassing your roles as fellow journalists in the contemporary global society.

cherish the experience of unravelling the workings of the world diplomacy


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