message from secretary general

“On a 4.5-billion-year old rock in the middle of nowhere and everywhere, we fight with imagined self-importance for hundreds of years over pockets of land a few kilometres long.” The futility of war and the rewards of peace have often been outlined and I think it is safe to say, are understood by most. Yet peace is as evasive as it is abstract.

Hello Delegates!
It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to Christ Junior College Model United Nations, 2016. However, this isn’t merely an invite. It is also a challenge. A challenge to accomplish in three days what most policy makers have failed to do in three decades, to weave varied viewpoints into a solution that benefits all, to solve problems that have flared up hostility, killed thousands and divided countries

To aid you on your course of action towards achieving this herculean task, you will be provided with the platform of an array of committees. The World Economic Forum seeks to bring together leaders in international politics, key business heads, intellectuals and journalists to debate pressing issues, in order to build a stable global economy. Important here will be to strike the perfect balance between the needs of the financial community and often controversial political decisions. The European Drug Commission will leave the power of policy making in your hands. Effectively tackle the issue of an escalating drug menace in the region. The United Nations Security Council is tasked with primary responsibility for international security. It takes the lead in determining the existence of a threat to peace or act of aggression. To that end, delegates in the UNSC will discuss the possible threat of a cyber war with specific reference to cyber espionage. Negotiations in this committee must serve to ward off this impending threat. The futuristic committee, the Kyoto Protocol, 2062 will meet to discuss the prevalent topics of global warming and population explosion. Keep in mind that these issues will be far exacerbated in the time period. The OutRight Action International is for those delegates that are willing to put themselves in the shoes of diplomats, activists and world leaders to come up with comprehensive solutions to rid the world of ignorance and bigotry. Clearly required in today’s day and age, this committee gives you the chance to change the (seemingly) unchangeable. Finally, the unique Historic Law Commission takes you back to the year 1945, important in that it saw the end of the most cataclysmic war in Modern History and the subsequent formation of the United Nations. Since then, the powers of international jurisprudence have been viewed as limited and often, ambiguous. However you have the power to change both history and the laws that created it.

Delegates, as you approach CJCMUN, do so with the awareness that you are a part of the same human race that has survived plagues and pogroms, typhoons and terrorists. You are a small part, but a part nonetheless, of our incessant struggle for improvement and for greatness.

Hope to see you in October
Richa Rebello
Secretary General Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2016

Giving exposure to the working of the United Nations and its impact on combating global challenges


World Economic Forum (Continuous Crisis Committee)

Ramith Gopinath - DIRECTOR

Hello, delegates! I am Ramith Gopinath, and it is my privilege to be serving as the Director of the World Economic Forum at CJCMUN 2016. I look forward to seeing you all take part in this committee and listening to the intellectual arguments that you delegates bring forward.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Commerce (International Finance) at Christ University.

I’ve been attending MUN conferences since the tenth grade, and the allure of learning something new whether as a delegate or an EB member always draws me back to participate in more. I enjoy historic and economic-oriented committees. Apart from MUNing, my passion lies in learning new languages, quizzing and parliamentary debating.

In a complex world order, plagued by various issues ranging from economic inequality to climate change, the World Economic Forum seeks to bring forth solutions to these challenges and to shape global, regional and industry agendas. With such a diverse range of individuals and stake holders, the WEF has an ability to shape global policy like no other. I look forward to three days of intense debate and discussion, but more importantly, I hope you learn and gain experience from this committee.

I wish you all the very best, and remember, as Ayn Rand once said, “Be motivated by the desire to achieve; not the desire to beat someone else.”

Abhijit Sachidananda Murthy - ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

I am Abhijit Sachidananda Murthy, I will be serving as the Assistant Director of the World Economic Forum at CJCMUN 2016. In addition to being a part of the traveling MUN team, I serve as Student President of Christ College's Commerce Association.

Over the course of three days I hope to see delegates enjoy themselves and challenge themselves while learning a little along the way.

The WEF will play host to some of the most powerful men and women in the modern world and I look forward to that being reflected in committee; as my main criteria for judgement will be how well you represent your character.

European Drug Commission

Sivan Chakravarthy – Director

"When you are very idealistic, but caught in a world which is all about business, it creates anguish" - Anurag Kashyap

My name is Sivan Chakravarthy and I have the distinct privilege and pleasure of serving as the Director of the European Drugs Commission at the Ninth Session of the Chirst Junior College Model United Nations Conference. I hail from Chennai but later moved to Bangalore for my education. I'm a first year undergraduate student pursuing my major in Computer Science Engineering in Bangalore.

Outside the MUN world, I'm a self-taught programmer and an Android Developer. I spend my day watching tons of movies. I also enjoy all forms of music (very less electronic stuff). Feel free to discuss about any sort of boredom-killing tools mentioned above outside committee and I'd love that.

I never really had the interest in public speaking until I discovered MUNs, and since then, there was no looking back. I have always had a special interest towards medium and small sized committees as you could always expect some intensive arguments between the delegates. CJC MUN is an amazing platform to meet a lot of intellectual young minds and learn from them. I have some high expectations from the delegates of my committee and I just can't wait to meet all of the delegates for this is going be a memorable conference for sure. I look forward to this amazing journey ahead.


Rohan Mayya – Assistant Director

Hello everyone, and welcome to the European Drug Commission, a committee that has never been simulated before. In fact it does not exist in the real world. Hence, this committee will be assumed to have formed to discuss pertinent drug issues such as narcoterrorism, paramilitarism and illicit drug trade. It is important to note that further details about the functioning of the committee will be mentioned in the background guide. In this committee, you have unparalleled power to perform any task; we are giving delegates the option to choose their style of approaching committee. What this means is that you can end 3 days of session with a communique, a resolution, or the adoption of a binding framework. The possibilities are endless, that's the best part about this kind of committee. A little about me, I'm an avid reader, and I love playing basketball. I also, of course, love to debate and MUN and have done quite a bit of it in my life. I look forward to seeing you in committee. Be there or be squared!

United Nations Security Council

Nyla Saldanha - Director

"You must be prepared to work always without applause” – Ernest Hemingway"

Hello delegates,

My name is Nyla Saldanha and I will be serving as the President of the United Nations Security Council. After a much needed hiatus, it is an absolute honor to return to the Security Council at CJCMUN for a third consecutive year with one of my favorite topics up for discussion.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Mass Media at St.Xavier's

College, Mumbai while simultaneously working on a career in music.

MUNing is what made me the person I am today and I sincerely hope that each and every one of you take back something worthwhile from CJCMUN this year, be it a trophy or growth as an individual.

I expect highly progressive debate, arguments lying on the fine line between arrogance and diplomacy and a constructive three days of committee. Welcome to the epitome of power, and all the very best.

Aayush Shah – Assistant Director

"There are a few ironclad rules of diplomacy but to one there is no exception. When an official reports that talks were useful, it can safely be concluded that nothing was accomplishe" - John Kenneth Galbraith

Greetings Delegates. My name is Aayush Shah and I will be serving as the assistant director of the United Nations Security Council. I am currently pursuing science at Christ Junior College and study Biology as my optional along with English and French.

I started MUNing about three years back and have grown to be extremely passionate about it. The awards were of no concern to me as long as I was satisfied that I could make a change in the way the other delegates think and that I would do it in the most diplomatic way. At this year’s chapter of CJCMUN, I will be looking forward to a very witty debate keeping in mind that diplomacy comes first.

Aside from that, my other interests also include music, travelling and having a continuous commitment to progressive learning. I look forward to a highly progressive debate and more comprehensive solutions keeping in mind the various foreign policies of different countries. Remember delegates, When diplomacy ends, War begins.

Without further ado, I welcome you all to the United Nations Security Council CJCMUN 2016 and I wish you all the best.

Futuristic Kyoto Protocol 2062


Hello, I'm Tania Martha Thomas, and I'm honoured to be a part of this committee, which aims to solve the threats we face in the future, if we do not act to prevent it right away.

My interests include reading, listening to music, watching movies, and entering into pun wars on social media.

Though I've MUNned in school, it actually made a difference to me only in CJC. From this committee I expect more than what a primary school EVS textbook can give me, and I hope all you take back something worth your time.


Greetings delegates! My name is Kanav Garg and I shall be serving as the Assistant director of the Kyoto Protocol 2062. In this futuristic simulation of a historic breakthrough, I hope to learn how our thoughts evolve overtime. Given the wisdom of the past and the gift of concrete logic, I can't wait to see how innovative and creative our end-product will be.

Outside of committee, I'm a total nut case. I found my heart in the binary world and don't miss a single opportunity to criticise the new iPhone. I consider myself to be able to do anything humanly possible but then I end up gaming instead. One thing that I can boast of is experience. Been there, done that.

The world is sinking, the Earth's crust can be compared with that of a pizza and people can only shift, not move. I look forward to meeting all of you and watching the plan for a new beginning unfold. Surprise me!

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights

Alisha Deshmukh – Director

"Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas"- Donatella Versace

Hello, delegates! I’m Alisha and I will be serving your Director for Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights. This committee is exciting because it gives you power— the form of rights. With an innovate agenda, this committee draws a link between past human struggles as well as on going ones. Given the sensitive nature of the agenda, I expect you to make statements carefully in committee. I hope to see you incorporate your personality and views into discussions in the most diplomatic way.

I am currently taking a gap year. I use my time to educate underprivileged children and to pursue things that I’m passionate about. I love humanitarian committees. Besides MUNing, I love traveling, reading and writing. I’ve interned at Times of India as well as in Alfanar, Saudi Arabia. I’m also the BIGGEST fan of Sidney Sheldon, Sherlock and Suits.

Welcome to the committee, delegates. I hope you enjoy the conference and it proves to be what you hope for it to be

Spoorthi Anur – Assistant Director

Greetings delegates, I’m Spoorthi and I will be serving as the Assistant Director for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. I’m extremely excited to simulate this committee. With a unique agenda like ours, what will take committee forward is constructive research. Delegates what we expect from committee is to come up with a comprehensive solution for the issue. We know the facts, you know the facts. Don’t restate them.

I am currently studying Humanities at Christ Junior College. I mostly spend my time at the Student Welfare Office. Besides MUNning I love travelling, reading and cheese pizza. Music has been my soul mate since time immemorial.

Human Rights committees are extremely close to home. I’ve done my fair share of them. I expect a fair amount from this committee. Delegates, we give you the power to change lives. Take it.

Historic International Legal Commission

Nikita Divekar - DIRECTOR

"We are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal" - Frank Underwood

Greetings delegates! My name is Nikita Divekar and I will be serving as the Director of the Historical International Legal Commission at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2016. At the HILC 1949, I look forward to seeing delegates step into the shoes of real diplomats and try to find the subtle balance between diplomacy and aggressive negotiation while providing solutions that help steer the committee forward.

When I am not MUNing I can be found quoting Star Wars, reading or being the drama queen that I am. I am also an avid fan of video games, my favourites being Empire Earth and Call of Duty.

Lastly I would like to wish all of you the best of luck and I look forward to seeing you in committee. May the Force be with you!


"You did not wake up today to be mediocre

Hello everybody! My name is Keya Rebello, and I will be your assistant director for the Historic International Legal Commission at CJCMUN 2016. I am currently studying humanities in the 2nd PUC of Christ Junior College. I try very vigilantly to apply the principles I have learnt from MUN in my daily life, and maintain a certain level of diplomacy. However, if you confidently try to convince me that your misguided information is correct, I promise it will blow up in your face like Hiroshima. My classmates will attest to this.

I love singing, and have been playing the piano for 12 years. I developed a penchant for debate in the 5th grade, and, in 7th grade, I developed a strong taste for international politics and law. One day I wish to work at the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

After a lot of thought, I decided to combine two of my greatest passions: International Law, and World War 2, to form the Historic International Legal Commission. This committee is not for the weak hearted. It takes you back to 1949, a few years after some of the worst atrocities in human history were committed. Discussions will range from the Nuremberg Trials, to the framework of diplomatic immunity. Mediocrity is not something you will find at the HILC. It promises the highest zenith of legal debate.

Press Corps

Ishika Saxena - DIRECTOR

"Pen may theoretically be mightier than the sword, but if someone stands, looming a sword over you, your pen will not aid you. Which is why the pen must be swift, the pen must be tough, and it must never falter

Greetings, fellow mortals. My name is Ishika Saxena and I will be serving as the Director of the International Press for Christ Junior College Model United Nations, 2016. A delegate of the Press is compelled to be a delegate of every other committee. I look forward to seeing all of you trying to incorporate a shrewd sense of observation with the general verbosity of journalism.

I am currently studying in the first year at Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts. I am doing creative writing, two courses in philosophy, computers, law, and environment studies this semester. “When I find myself in times of trouble,” standup comedy, “comes to me”. I also enjoy avid reading, love FRIENDS, adore the Joker, and often engage in discussions about cricket or football. Good luck, delegates!


Hello Delegates! I’m Sanjana N and I shall be serving as the Assistant Director of the International Press Corps at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2016. Currently studying in 12th standard at Christ Junior College; my subjects include- Psychology, Political Science, Economics and Sociology.

I found my calling earlier this year with the Press Corps and believe it is one of the most versatile committees in a MUN. My pastimes mainly comprise of books and music. I am ardent fan of Disney and will continue to be so but I do love a good horror movie which will actually startle me and not make me laugh.

The IPC this year insists on creativity and ethics along with commitment to the truth which of course, is the foundation of journalism. I look forward to you all encompassing your roles as fellow journalists in the contemporary global society.

Hope you enjoy the simulation. Good Luck!



"Two roads diverged in yellow wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference

Hello delegates! My name is Chirag Dharmesh and I'll be serving as the Crisis Director, Christ Junior College Model United Nations, 2016. It's a pleasure for me to be a part of this, and I'm eagerly looking forward to some exciting and competitive debate.

I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at BMS College of Engineering. I am a sports lover and can literally sit and watch any sport, be it football, cricket, badminton or even archery! I'm a badminton player myself and have taken part in several state- tournaments. My other interests include reading, philosophical thinking and subtle comedy.

I really hope each one of you comes up with innovative solutions to resolve the issues that have been plaguing the world. All the best everyone! Looking forward to seeing you in committee.


"Peace is not absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.- Ronald Regan

Delegates of the world, I'm Meera, I will be serving as Crisis director at Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2016. I look forward to the observing intellectual debate. I often enjoy debating in an economically or human rights-oriented committee. Apart from attending MUN conferences, I love reading books in my spare time, as well as scrolling through fashion blogs. I'm a geek at heart, and won't hesitate to spend the day at Comic Con at a moment's notice. Again, welcome to Christ Junior College Model United Nations. And delegates remember this: "Fight for your world, not your country".

cherish the experience of unravelling the workings of the world diplomacy


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