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Hi there!

Welcome to the 12th edition of Christ Junior College Model United Nations, Bangalore’s biggest Model UN competition. I am Rohan Mayya, an alumnus of Christ Junior College, who also will be serving as your Secretary General for the conference.

Over the years, CJCMUN has accumulated an outstanding reputation for quality of debate, and this year we hope to carry that forward. As your executive board, we ensure that you will be given a reasonably difficult problem to solve and a fair platform where each one of you will be allowed to voice your opinion. The question is, can you make the most of it?

Lost in the voices of millions today is our own ability to listen. We often try to interject quicker than required, or hear someone out just to reply. In the frenzy of this technological era, where social media is sometimes given more attention than most of our basic needs, it is easy to be over-exposed to a lot that is going in the world. We often end up consuming information that we do not need, and certainly consume a lot of information that we do not need to form an opinion on. Hence, I implore you to listen. Listen to what your fellow delegates have to say. It’s going to make a world of difference in our ability to solve problems.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Executive Board members at any point in time. I hope you have fun, debate your heart out and most importantly, make new friends!.


Rohan Mayya
Secretary General, Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2019

Hello delegates!

For over a decade, Christ Junior College Model United Nations has acquired a reputation for creating and producing some of the best quality debate in the country. I’m Ishika Saxena, a fourth year student at the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, and I am thrilled to be serving as your Deputy Secretary General for the conference.

In the face of a soon to hit recession, the Amazon burning, the situation in Kashmir and the overall global state of things, it is a crucial importance that conferences such as this acquire. It is imperative today that we be politically active and politically inclined. Democracy stems from the social contract. The social contract’s success and basis stems from believing that all of us will be politically active members of the state. As citizens of a global world, we must transcend stringent nationalism and shift to a more inclusive approach. The conference aims to push you toward the ability to critically evaluate facts and form informed opinions, essentially creating responsible citizens of the currently chaotic global order.

CJCMUN has been able to produce a certain level of debate over the years and we hope to maintain and improve on that tradition. We will continue to provide a platform for you to help us take the debate forward. When it comes to MUNs, we often forget a basic fact in the face of competition; that the process is meant to channel us towards a solution. It is not about stating facts couched in fancy rhetoric and jargon, but more about creating collaborative platforms for innovative solutions. Often this is what is lost in the nature of the competition. Work with one another, not against one another.

Feel free to contact any member of the Executive Board at any point in time. The conference will be everything we make it to be. So, put in your best efforts for 3 wonderful days of stellar debate. Some of you will take back certificates, all of you will take back memories.

Good luck!
Ishika Saxena
Deputy Secretary General, Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2019

Giving exposure to the working of the United Nations and its impact on combating global challenges



Joel Jacob - DIRECTOR

Greetings Delegates!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 12th edition of Christ Junior College Model United Nations.

I am Joel Jacob and I am a second-year law student at School of Law, Christ (Deemed to Be University). My experience with participating in MUNs stems from my will to constantly learn, be it from the research beforehand, the heated debates in committee or the brainstorming involved in pondering viable solutions to the issue at hand. Apart from MUN, I enjoy debating and quizzing.

As your chairperson, I would encourage each and every delegate to wholeheartedly participate and learn over the course of 3 days of debate. Furthermore, I would also encourage all delegates to extensively research and come up with original, creative and viable solutions to the issues being discussed. I hope to make your experience at CJC MUN memorable.

Good luck!

Rithwick G - Director

It is my honour to be serving as your Chairperson at the CJCMUN 2019 Conference. Having studied at CJC from 2016 to 2018, it feels great to be coming back! Christ gave me the opportunity to experience Model UN Conferences for the first time, and I will always be grateful for the things I've learnt and picked up along the way.

I've chaired almost ten different conferences across Bangalore over the years and it gives me great pleasure to be chairing another at my alma mater. I'm currently studying law at Christ University and enjoy reading, quizzing, and following Indian and international politics.

I wish all of you the very best and I look forward to three very exciting and memorable days of debate and discourse.

Good luck!

Joshua Kattapuram - Assistant Director

Skillful, Strategic and Surreal are the words one would use while describing Joshua's MUNning style (unless they're at a loss for them). Joshua is known for the exceptional and undeniable impact he has on committee and the innate ability of his to change the atmosphere of any room he's in. If you ever found Joshua to be just another delegate in a conference, rest assured only one of two things could be at play:
1. You're a terrible judge of character 2. He wants you to believe that.

In addition, Joshua is a professional Pianist, loves MARVEL and has a thing for theoretical physics. Extremely passionate about Mass Surveillance, Joshua can't wait to meet you delegates!


Pradhyumna C M – Director

Greetings delegates!

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to CJCMUN 2019. It is an honour to be serving as the Director of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. I am currently pursuing my first year at Christ University, Bannerghatta Campus. I began munning 2 years ago when I joined the CJCMUN team and am now a part of the Christ University MUN team as well. Apart from MUNS, I have a keen interest in the workings of the stock market and also enjoy singing and playing the keyboard.

As your chairperson, I encourage you to be well-researched and actively participate in committee. I look forward to 3 exciting days of stellar debate!

Wishing you the best of luck

Vidhi Tonk – Assistant Director

Vidhi Tonk has a refreshing personality, one that would bring a much needed relief to the tense atmosphere of committee. She is likely to blow you with her astonishingly witty humor yet diplomatic demeanour. She openly enjoys Bollywood films and music. Having won awards at NHMUN, KMUN and CoMUN to mention a few, she has enough experience to be a part of any executive board. As a proud student of the humanities at Christ Junior College, she enjoys studying Political Science. With a pertinent interest and experience in humanitarian committees, she will be the EB member to approach in times of confusion.


Ruben Jacob - Director

Greetings delegates!

My name is Ruben Jacob and I am currently pursuing my BA.LLB at St. Joseph College of Law. I have delegated at a number of conferences within as well as outside of the city. I served as the Director of a committee a few times as well. Outside of MUN I have also taken part in a few policies based debates within the city. I look forward to being a part of Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2019 and to see what you, the delegates, have in store for me. I wish you all the very best and hope to see you there.

Chathurya Srinivasan – Assistant Director

An invaluable member of the Christ Junior College delegation and a distinguished individual possessing skills a class apart, Chathurya Srinivasan is a force to be reckoned with. Having a consummate MUN career punctuated with placements at HMUN, KMUN and many more, she is the embodiment of an eloquent and seasoned MUNner.

Over time, heated debates and unforgiving committees have become her comfort zone. Chathurya attributes her success to her grounded principles and morals. She often combines her love for political discourses with an unparalleled witty humour. Logic is placed on an altar and the principle of “audialterampartem” is made an undeniable part of Chathurya’s approach.


Shruthi Doss - DIRECTOR

Greetings delegates!

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to Christ Junior College Model United Nations 2019. My name is Shruti Doss and I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s in Arts (Media Studies, English and Psychology) at Christ University. I have been participating in MUN conferences since the eleventh grade and the joy of learning something new from each conference makes me enjoy the process and brings me back to participate in more conferences. Apart from Model United Nations, I enjoy dancing and have been training in Bharatanatyam for over 9 years now. As a chair, I would encourage all of you to research extensively, participate actively and come up with creative solutions to the issue at hand. I hope to make this a great experience for all of you.

Looking forward to meeting you all in October.


Her passion for Model UN is matched with her placements, with an award at almost all MUNs she has been to, which includes an Outstanding Delegate award at HMUN India 2018 and Honourable Delegate award at NTU MUN, Singapore and a Best Delegate award at KMUN 2018, to name a few. Starting only last year, she has made quite a name for herself in the circuit. Currently pursuing her 12th standard in Christ Junior College, she also likes to watch and perform theatre and read books!



Greetings Delegates

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all to the 12th edition of Christ Junior College Model United Nations.

My name is Nandini Salian and I'm a second year student at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), studying Psychology. I attended my first MUN conference when I was in the 11th grade, and have never looked back since. I enjoy every bit of the process, especially the rigorous research, which is what I consider most important for a delegate to push committee forward. I prefer ECOSOCs, but enjoy every committee that I go to, since I believe that I can learn something from every delegate and every executive board member. Apart from MUN, I'm involved in research and hands-on training within my chosen field.

As a chairperson, I would encourage each and every delegate to try to wholeheartedly participate and learn over the course of 3 days of debate. Furthermore, I would encourage all delegates to focus on research, not only for the purpose of committee, but also as a medium to learn more about an interesting and relevant issue.

I hope to have a solution-based discussion, and thus would like to see all delegates looking forward and working on improvement. I hope to make your experience at CJC MUN 2019 memorable.

Warm regards,

Nandini Salian


Greetings Delegates

To quote a rather inspirational senior and mentor, “Model United Nations does not change the world; Model United Nations changes persons, who in fact, go on to change the world”. Thus, from its very outset, Model United Nations I believe, has been a platform where individuals can speak out, express their opinions through the lens of nations and allow it to be questioned and refined, finally allowing one to personally decide whether to accept or reject the perspective in itself. However for veterans and first-timers alike, the keyword here, I believe, is to speak out, and express yourself in the shoes of another person, it is this task that requires the greatest courage at times (speaking quite out of personal experience), valuable perspective is given to committee in the form of, even possibly the shortest speeches, thus, making every contribution matter for the successful discussion of a given topic. Model United Nations does not quite mould one's perspective; it moulds the attitude of delegates and invites them to be open to perspectives, to listen in as much as to speak. I truly believe there is as much a delegate in a person who patiently listens as there is in one who articulately argues a point. Thus, the primary quality of a good delegate is to be a good listener. Imbibing these qualities would inevitably make sure one has a great learning experience in committee and has something to take back from the conference.

Wishing you the best of luck,
Sebin Sebastian

SARAH JOSE – Assistant Director

An embodiment of her carefully crafted moral values, Sarah marks an empathetic and humanitarian approach to diplomacy. Although new to the circuit, Sarah has gathered a significant amount of experience and reputation over a year. Apart from being a very versatile delegate and having placed at various MUNs like HMUN, SJBHS MUN, and CoMUN, she is extremely approachable and amiable. Sarah uses her voice to not only set the tone of the committee with her articulate views but also to charm people with her singing. As an assistant director, she encourages well researched debate and looks forward to 3 fun days of committee.


Naman Vankdari - DIRECTOR

Greetings Delegates!

My name is Naman Vankdari and I am currently pursuing my final year law at University Law College, Bangalore University. As a MUNNer I have been in the circuit for almost 6 years now and have chaired various conferences across India. I have also served in other official capacities such as Secretary General and MUN advisor. I am currently an active member of the prestigious MUN For India series which is run by the Worldview organisation as their senior Model UN trainer. Apart from MUNning, I indulge myself in delivering lectures on International Law, Human rights and the Indian Constitution. I have also authored papers for the UNODC and have been in the election research wing of various Political parties in India. I look forward to meeting you all for 3 days of stellar debate!


This EB member is a walking, talking dictionary on all things socio-economic and Indian. A doyen of economic committees in the present field with placements in various MUNs and many EB positions, he’ll leave you breathless and gasping with his vast knowledge and crystal-clear presentation. When he is not expanding on his knowledge of geo-political and economic affairs, he can be found reading Jeffrey Archer and watching Suits. He loves a quick-thinking delegate as much as a well-researched one. So be nimble delegates!



Greetings Delegates!

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to CJCMUN 2019.My name is Sumukh B Ram and I am a first year student at Christ University studying law. The various nuances and intricacies of international law is something that always sparked an interest in me and looking back, my experience with Model UN is one of the prime reasons that I chose to pursue this field. Besides MUNs, I also enjoy debating and quizzing.

As a chairperson, I believe that Model UN is a platform that gives you an opportunity to put forward your well-researched opinions. I encourage you to actively participate and hope to make this an enriching learning experience for you.

Looking forward to 3 exciting days of debate.


Sumukh B Ram


The MUN circuit primarily recognises Anmol as two things: one, as the Head Delegate of the Christ Junior College Delegation and second, as one of the very few people to have won the Best Delegate award at the Security Council of HMUN twice.

But, there is more to him than meets the eye. With his cool exterior, it comes off as unprecedented when he leaves a resonating impact on any committee through his breakneck, strategic and creative directives. Anmol marks the difference between a good delegate and a great delegate: his assertiveness does not come off as aggression or dominance, rather as a convincing demonstration of his calibre. Anmol has also been an integral part of the executive boards of Cambridge and New Horizon Model United Nations. His judging criteria demands precision

If you don’t catch him either directing or participating in a MUN conference, or a commerce fest, he’s likely cheering for FC Barcelona. When time permits, he prefers hiding behind a Dan Brown book over everything else.


Khushi is a powerful orator and extremely passionate about MUNs; her speeches are bound to leave the committee spellbound and captivated. Although soft spoken, her amicable exterior quickly gives way to the primal force she has shown to be. Having received placements from HMUN, NHMUN, KMUN to name a few, Khushi has the experience to control the flow of debate. With a devious mind and an unprecedented ability to lead a committee in 5 different directions, and then tie each and every aspect together, seamlessly and flawlessly, she never gives up. Khushi also enjoys composing poetry on the side, reading novels and is a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan.



My name is Ishika Saxena and I am thrilled to be serving as the International Head of Press for this conference. I am currently a fourth-year student at the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts.

Having chaired a number of Press Corps, this is a committee that is quite special to me. The role played by the media is extremely important in today's political environment. The global attack on free speech makes our topic of conversation even more significant. The banning of books, the political defence of "fake news" and other contending issues must be critically examined as a simply opposing or supporting view often does not examine the issue with all of its nuance.

I encourage you to write freely, and speak up.I wish you all the very best and look forward to 3 wonderfuldays of stellar debate.


Calvert’s warm and kind demeanour comes as a surprise to anyone who has seen him at work in committee. He is an adept diplomat whose fiery speeches have left many at a loss of words. His quirky sense of humour definitely sets him apart from the rest. He has been winning accolades at breakneck speed, including placements in SFSMUN, KMUN, CAMMUN, NHMUN and Best Delegate at Harvard Model United Nations’ Security Council, and many more. Apart from MUNNING and debates, Calvert is an avid fan of wrestling. He is also very passionate about athletics.

cherish the experience of unravelling the workings of the world diplomacy



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